Musings and Random Thoughts

The Shadowy Gray Areas in the Woods

  There are a lot of murky, gray — sometimes even black —  areas in fairy tales. But when these stories were presented to us as kids, the grays were often covered up or simply ignored. Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods, which has brought modern twists to children’s stories long before Wicked or Once Upon A Time came into…
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Reflections on Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings

I know the story of Moses. I grew up to countless retellings of it — in children’s books, in TV shows, in movies. DeMille’s The 10 Commandments was a Lenten staple, and Charlton Heston has been the image of Moses in my head ever since I was a kid. I also grew up watching Super Book…
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Bayani Challenge 2014


Going Loca Over Loki

A couple of days after watching Thor: The Dark World, I told my friends about my burgeoning crush on Loki, they thought I was weird. Seriously, his character had the most interesting twists and turns, and didn’t seem to want to confined to whatever box the audience wanted to stick him in. He was pretty cute and…
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Asian Eggs

When my Dad was a little boy, his family kept some chickens — and I don’t mean in the freezer. They actually fed them, tended to them, and had a coop or some sort of housing provision for those birds. My Dad used to recount how he would often lie in wait until a hen…
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Return to Innocence

Desperately Seeking Valentine

Whence came the sighs and daydreams of red roses and chocolates? Whose bright idea were the candlelit dinners and heart cutouts? Was the trendsetter a man named Valentine?   As part of whining over my perennially unattached state, I tend to indulge in wallowing and grouching this time of year. To counteract this tendency I…
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LSS: Javert’s Soliloquy

I have never seen Les Miserables staged. I’ve never even read the book. It may be sad, I know, but I think it helped me enjoy the film more, because I can only approach it as a film, and not as an adaptation from a stage musical that’s based on a book, and I was…
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Word for the Year 2013

Advertising, Schmadvertising

Sometimes I miss it. I miss working with nutty, quirky, artistic types. I miss the heart-thumping adrenaline rush in the mad scramble to meet a deadline or pitch for a new account. And sometimes I miss the late nights that go on till morning. I miss comparing battle scars. How many revisions, how many tissue…
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