Musings and Random Thoughts


anubeh!!! bratty bratty bratty. bratty little boys should never be given guns. tsk tsk tsk. their mommies should give them all spankings.

the tree pose

tried the tree pose at yoga class yesterday. i pressed my right foot to my left inner thigh. trained my eyes on a spot on the mirrored wall and tried, in vain, to keep my balance. a voice in my head pierced the haze created by all that yoga breathing and screamed… “TIMBERRRRR!!”  

this cracked me up.

fashionistang may sipon thanks lemee for sharing!!!

i’m a modern, cool nerd. wewww.

i took the nerd, geek, or dork test. below are my test results: === Your Score: 65 % Nerd, 60% Geek, 30% Dork For The Record: A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia. A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.…
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if i lived in springfield…

went to the simpsons movie site. made my very own nats character. heheheehee.

goodbye, gustav.

you were soooo cute. you were happy and cheerful. unconditionally and so fearlessly expressed your affection. we here at home oh so easily fell in love with you. you were great fun. i’ll miss the way you work yourself between my feet when i’m walking and nibble at my toes. i’ll miss your houdini-like talent…
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feel good food

there’s something about that moment when the first molecule of chocolate touches the first taste receptor and the tickles the first olfactory nerve. there’s just this almost overwhelming sense of relief, as if i were holding my breath before then and could only inhale properly after that first taste. i really think it’s true that…
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what’s on my mind these days?

what’s for lunch… theo readings… theo reflection paper… hongkong… laoag… whether or not to jog… techniques in overcoming laziness… sagip activity on sunday… photo shoot… friday deadline… bills due… i need a facial and a haircut… staying away from lechon paksiw… hypertension medication… new puppy soon… mooshi’s possible reaction to the new puppy… e-books… lovelife…
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lost verses

around 10 years ago i found a book of poems at a book swap–ramon sunico’s bruise: a 2-tongue job. it had tagalog poems and english poems, and some pairs were translations of each other, appearing side by side in a spread. it was a delicious volume. it had something about cellists, sculptors and japanese women…
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coincidence? not!

b and i are very different people–at least i’d like to think so. we’re friends, but i’m not really comfortable with the idea that we’re in the least bit similar. so why do we have similar tastes in men? tonight we talked about the men that we both know that we are attracted two. we…
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