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I Am Not Worthy…

I Am Not Worthy…

The Design Tree: Wooden Eyewear

This week’s post in The Design Tree on wood eyeglass frames.

He’s Up to Something: Defining Moments

Made a new post to He’s Up to Something.

Our dog Puma

isn’t she adorable?


Here’s a little post that came together during a moment of solitude and clarity. Small.

Seeing Sound for Non-Synesthetes

I find the idea of sensations crossing over between and among senses immensely fascinating. It seems a waste for beautiful things such as paintings, music, or fabulous flavors to be enjoyed with just one of the five senses. I think that’s why music videos exist, and beautiful perfume bottles, and why chefs take such great…
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10 Things to do During a Brownout

After I got tired of bitching about these power interruptions–which really didn’t accomplish anything other than making me more sungit, I realized that there could be an upside to all this. There’s an opportunity here. There’s life outside of the computer or tv screen waiting to be discovered or rediscovered. =) So here are my…
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goings on

friday. 7-ish in the morning till 8-ish. shoot for a product catalogue project. fun esp with jess, loraine and ronald! it was a happy kind of organized chaos. but if i were an o.c. person i would’ve gone nuts. no, i wasn’t the photographer (that’s ronald, thank goodness!) but i came face to face with…
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but it was a new eyelash curler!

i got it for its cuteness. i don’t usually buy metal eyelash curlers, but this one had translucent pink finger grip thingies. i didn’t realize that the rubber pad has been sliced by the evil metal upper section. it was only when i saw my trimmed lashes in the mirror that the horror of it…
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