Going Loca Over Loki

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Going Loca Over Loki

A couple of days after watching¬†Thor: The Dark World,¬†I told my friends about my burgeoning crush on Loki, they thought I was weird. Seriously, his character had the most interesting twists and turns, and didn’t seem to want to confined to whatever box the audience wanted to stick him in. He was pretty cute and witty as a villain, and as a grieving son, easily won our sympathies. As megalomaniacs go, he was pretty cool, and insanely attractive.

I loved the way he was written, and the way Tom Hiddleston portrayed him. In fact, I have since transferred my affections, and my obsession from Loki onto Tom. He’s just so friggin’ charming — with that wide grin, goofy laugh, and oodles and oodles of talent that isn’t confined to acting. I have spent the better part of a day on YouTube, watching clips of him dancing, singing, doing impressions of his co-stars, and reading really sexy poetry.


Whew. So hot.